New Water Meter Technology (Every City Should have)

Recently, more cities in the United States have been investing in techniques to support water conservation and a better relationship between utility departments and their customers. One of these investments involves installing advanced water meters that completely change how residents can see their water usage. These water meters allow users to track their water usage and more specifically, see what items are using the most water.

Now, I’ve seen this type of technology towards energy conservation available at local stores like Home Depot where people can study not only how much energy they’re consuming, but also what appliances are using the highest. This is such an important step towards protecting the environment as well as finding progressive solutions that conserve natural resources, so of course I’m excited to know that this type of forward thinking is being applied to the most important resource in the world.

The city I live in came by and installed new water meters, however, they aren’t this amazing new technology that actually allows you to track your water usage, so please let us speak up and demand that are cities make better investments towards initiatives that will make a large difference in water conservation! If your city already has these meters in your area, make sure you sign up for any apps or any media being implemented to track your water usage. This technology won’t only help educate users on the amount of water they’re consuming, but also help cities move towards a sustainable future. Check out my other media links down below to talk about more solutions to live each and every day by Codegreen!

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