Free Sprinkler Evaluation (Through Your City)

Free Sprinkler Evaluation (Through Your City)

Water conservation is a hot topic in the environmental world and there are several discussions that will continue to occur as we head into the future. However, today I wanted to talk about an opportunity people can utilize to not only conserve water but to keep water bills consistently low. One of the biggest uses of water for people with yards is irrigation. This not only leads to possibilities towards wasting large amounts of water but also to an unwanted higher water bill. Recently, we discovered that are water bill had tripled this past month and even called the city to find out whether or not the water meter had mistakenly given us a higher reading. After the city found that the meter was accurate, we utilized the opportunity to receive a free sprinkler evaluation that is offered on my cities website.

I’m beyond thankful we did because we found that part of the sprinkler system for the house that we’re renting had become corroded and was wasting large amounts of water while also not watering half the lawn (the explanation for the water bill tripling). If we hadn’t participated in the free evaluation we would’ve continued not only wasting water but continued to be angry about a very high water bill that no one wants to pay. I suggest everyone to check their cities website to see if they offer a free sprinkler evaluation and highly recommend utilizing the opportunity. Even if you believe your sprinkler system is working great it’s always nice to have your system double checked to not only know that you’re doing the best towards conserving water but also keeping your water bill as low as possible for some nice savings. Check out my media links down below to find out more ways on how you can live each and everyday by Codegreen and I hope to see you guys next time!


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