Be a Halloween Green Queen

The time of princesses, witches, and pirates is upon us and I couldn’t be more excited. Though it’s my favorite time of the season, it’s also one of the most notorious holidays for creating waste, so here are some tips for turning your Halloween green. Pumpkins are a great decoration that then can be transformed into nutritious compost for your plants and baking pumpkin seeds has always been a beloved delicious pastime of mine. Missed your chance to dress up as Wonder Woman or Elsa? No problem! Check out your local thrift store before buying a new costume because that’s where the ghosts of costumes past go. Everyone loves a good retro look, so you can be green while looking like a queen. Trying to watch your diet? Skip the candy, it’s unhealthy and causes non-recyclable trash anyway. Not only will you be dressed as a super hero, but you will be the real-life Superman for wildlife and your figure. Remember to keep your Halloween fun, scary, and green. Check out my links down below for more ways on how you can live each and every day by Codegreen!


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