New Year, No Disposable Straws

A new year means opportunities for developing new habits. Start your year strong by not only drinking lots of water to keep yourself hydrated during these colder periods but also reducing disposable straw waste. I know it’s tempting to use a straw for every sip we intake, but it can be a giant obstacle for our aquatic friends. Now I recognize that there are some who face disabilities that require the use of straws (and how do you ingest drinks like milkshakes without them) so here’s some alternatives. There are options for reusable straws (steel straws are my favorite) that even come with cleaners for keeping your drinkware squeaky clean so you can sip your beverage without adding waste into the water system. You can also be like Elsa and “Let it Go” by not using straws. Nothing says “I’m a hero” more than protecting baby turtles. To my fellow Codegreeners, let’s make this new decade a green one.

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